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How A Lawyer Will Help You Sue A Driver That Hit Your Vehicle & Fled

It can be hard recovering from a collision when the other driver flees before the law enforcement officers arrive. If you were able to obtain the other driver's license plate number, you still have a chance of obtaining the information that you need to get compensated. However, you will need assistance from an auto accident lawyer so the situation can be handled in the right manner. This article covers how a lawyer can help you sue the other driver by using the license plate number to locate where he or she is.

1. Figure Out What Happened

The lawyer will give you a chance to explain to him or her how the accident came about. You must be truthful about every aspect of the incident in order for you to possibly win the case. Simply tell the lawyer what you were doing when the other driver came crashing into your vehicle, such as if you were looking at the road or not. During your interview, the lawyer will find out if he or she should take your case. He or she will only accept the case if you have a good chance of winning.

2. Investigate the License Plate Number

Before doing anything else with your case, the lawyer will have to find out who is responsible for hitting your vehicle. He or she will investigate the license plate number by going to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to find out who the car belongs to. The owner of the vehicle will then be located to find out if he or she was driving the vehicle on the day of the incident, as it could have been someone else.

3. Speak to the Other Driver

When the driver of the other vehicle has been located, the lawyer will contact him or her to discuss the collision. If the other party is unwilling to discuss the situation, the lawyer will handle the situation in a different way. He or she will draft up legal documents and have them delivered to the other party to let him or her know that a lawsuit has been filed.

4. Speak on Your Behalf in a Lawsuit

When the case goes to court, a lawyer will do all or most of the speaking for you. He or she will also present evidence that proves you didn't cause the accident. The lawyer will also show the court why you deserve the amount of money that you are requesting in the lawsuit, such as for your medical expenses, lost wages, and several other things.

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